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Welcome To Stancor. This website proudly tells the story of a company with more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) and controls for demanding applications. At the core of Stancor’s mission is an unrelenting commitment to the customer — resulting in customized solutions for individual needs. Our comprehensive pump portfolio serves a broad range of applications, from dewatering coal mines to pumping solutions intermixed with trash in municipal applications. And newfound efficiencies can result from pairing a Stancor pump with a customized panel designed by G&G Controls to improve reliability, increase system performance and lower overall costs.

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Customized Controls

Direct In-Line Pumping System

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Product Spotlight

Industrial Flow Solutions’ Direct In-Line Pumping System eliminates the need for a wet well. This new innovative wastewater pumping technology feeds effluent directly into the pump from the point of entry so you avoid gases, smells and equipment corrosion. The impeller also acts as a shredder to reduce solids and provides a self-cleaning function to reduce maintenance time and costs.

Powerful Pump Solutions for the Mining and Aggregate Industry

Selecting the right equipment is crucial for mining companies. For maximum slurry handling capability, our rugged hard metal slurry pumps offer the durability and reliability for higher performance and lower costs.

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  • Stancor Pumps were utilized to assist construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge and protect the environment. Stancor pumps were positioned to create a water supply line from the Hudson River to cure concrete properly on the bridge foundation.
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  • Stancor Pumps coming to the rescue. Implementing an efficient and reliable rainwater collection and reuse system in St. Croix at an aircraft rescue and firefighting facility.
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Case Studies

“Stancor’s willingness to collaborate on all aspects of the pumps—including power supplies, flow rate and head pressure— allowed us to develop a comprehensive set of solutions.”

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