Simplex pump controls provide the base for customization. Functionality can be added to increase efficiencies from a single pump application.

Standard Simplex panels offer the ability to order directly from the catalog.  They are typically used in pump chambers, sump pump basins, irrigation systems and lift stations.  Models 120 (120/208/240V single phase) and 480 (208/230/480V three phase) Simplex pump controls provide the base for additional customization.

G&G Controls Simplex panels are UL listed 508A for the US and Canada.  They feature NEMA 4X panel enclosure featuring heavy-duty polycarbonate, but also can be customized with other materials for difficult operating environments.  Multiple-color LED options for on/off and emergency conditions are available, as well as two control float switches activate a magnetic motor contractor to control power.

The standard simplex models are just a template for additional customization.  There are numerous size and material options on floats.  Additional switches can be designed to activate audio/visual alarms if warranted by the application.  More functionality – including the ability to monitor dry contacts in high liquid situation or provide pump protection through pump circuit breakers or adjustable overload – is optional.  And, finally, a full range of cords are available to meet specific needs.

3-phase Simplex

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