G&G Customized Controls

Rotating equipment maximizes performance by controlling several variables. Customized controls can implement VFDs, booster pumps and transducers for maximum efficiency.

The greatest value G&G Controls can offer is through customized panels.  Customizers can utilize vast design experience and receive superior customer service – from an interactive process to ensure the right controls are specified to the industry’s shortest leadtimes.

Options are nearly limitless. Panels can include a wide variety of floats, alarms, graphical displays, activity monitoring and wireless communications. G&G Controls can leverage hundreds of designs specific to individual needs, allowing newfound customization to be both in budget and on time with project requirements.

G&G has experience designing customized controls panels that provide the means to create a complex system featuring:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), which are used to manage electricity usage and maximize pump life while maintaining water pressure when dramatic spikes in demand may exist
  • Booster Pumps that may be helpful when additional pressure is needed
  • Transducers to monitor well water pressure to trigger help from other system components.
Customized solutions, like this triplex control panel,
help manage an entire system of pumps and associated equipment.

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