Powerful Pump Solutions for the Mining & Aggregate Industry

Download the Mining & Aggregate Industry Buyer’s Guide for Submersible Pumps

The mining industry plays a critical role in the U.S. economy. But, stricter and more costly regulations mean companies need to even more effective at controlling costs and improving efficiency. The equipment you use, especially your submersible pumps, are more important than ever to help you minimize downtime.

Industrial Flow Solutions provides BJM and Stancor hard metal slurry pumps that stand up to the abrasive slurries you deal with in the mines. These reliable pumps last longer and lower your maintenance and repair costs. We’ve compiled a guide to help you find the right pump for your harsh mining applications.

Download our Mining & Aggregate Industry Buyer’s Guide for Submersible Pumps to learn:

  • How hard metal pump components provide higher performance and lower costs
  • How the right pump keeps your projects on track in the harshest environments
  • How companies like yours benefit from using our durable, reliable slurry pumps



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