A wide range of MSHA approved pumps has made Stancor pumps a “must have” in coal mining equipment for decades.  The experience gathered from decades of industry knowledge ensures the right product is specified for every application.

Stancor excels when reliability is most important. Power plants use our pumps throughout operations and have implemented controls help ensure electricity distribution. A range of customized Oil Minder® products are used in transformer pits across the US.

Managing water is Stancor’s specialty.  Our broad portfolio of pumps – that can handle the most extreme conditions – and ability to customize controls allows municipalities to create infrastructure that is efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Construction applications benefit from the robust design and reliable performance of Stancor products.  Extending life cycles can lower equipment and maintenance costs as Stancor pumps can be re-used as new projects begin and end.

Pumps and controls are used in a variety of industrial applications. Stancor’s largest contribution is in the building trades, where the Oil Minder® system offers elevator installations a strong ROI by reducing liability and decreasing operating costs.

Stancor develops integrated packages that offer newfound operational efficiencies.

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