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Stancor was founded in 1985, when Swedish manufacturer Alimak Corp’s submersible pump business was purchased. The company was bought by its current owner, Knox Capital, in 2014.

More than 30 years experience providing solutions with a complete line of pumps for demanding applications. Our comprehensive product portfolio also serves a variety of markets including: construction, industrial, mining, utilities and wastewater. Stancor excels in the most demanding applications.

Stancor is the market leader in coal mining with a broad line of MSHA-approved pumps made in the USA. A commitment to maximizing our customer’s profitability resulting in products that have been hardened for maximum performance.

Stancor focuses on solutions. Oil Minder®, combined with our portfolio of pumps, creates a system that both manages both water and oil in confined spaces like elevator shafts and transformers. Patented technology is at the heart of Oil Minder®’s competitive advantage.

G&G Controls was acquired in 2016 to provide another level of customization. The addition of 35+ years of experience, and certification for both UL 508A and UL 698A, provides full product and service support no matter the location or complexity.

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